(born 1980) - Polish creator and organizer of sound, most frequently playing the cornet and upright piano.

After landing stints at quite a few choirs, unsuccessfully attempting to master the violin, falling head over heels for the trumpet and even starting to check the teeth of a three- legged giant whale, Marcin got down to serious studying of composition, music education and jazz piano.

After educational reverie, lured by the meanders of contemporary, avant / jazz / thrash and alternative music, he started to cooperated with: Warsaw Improvisers Orchestra, The Transgress, Backspace, Melech, Michał Zaborski (Atom String Quartet), Expresso Post Production, Dj Wobler, Orange the Juice, Anna Maria Huszcza, Minimatikon (whose main focus is making illustrative music and writing silent movie scores for Nosferatu, The Cabinet of Dr. Caligari, Zwenigora, Ukrazija, Topor – Tango at the Museum of Atrocities, Mr. Jowialski) and many others.

He loves to write about himself in a third person.

In April 2014 he won the audience award at an electroacoustic miniatures contest at Świętokrzyska Philharmonic, whose theme was the sounds of the Kielce Voivodship. The awarded composition was Sal Ikosyw.In July 2014 Marcin A. Steczkowski’s MMIIXX was finalist at International Composition Competition "Citta di Undine" (Italy) and was also showcased in June 2014 at the New York City Electroacoustic Music Festival. In july 2017 his piece “Forgotten Phones”  was awarded at “Phone Call” Competition (Bahía Blanca, Argentina) and showcased in Ferrowhite Museum at “Bahía In Sonora” Festival. Marcin is finilist of 1st Berlin International Film Scoring Competition 2018.

Marcin has a cat.